's review Oct 22, 2020


If a child's book can make an adult laugh then it's found the winning formula. These cheeky, mischievous twins can bring a smile to anyone's face.

A brilliant short story, won't give any of the plot away but this is so well written. One that younger children can listen to and older ones can read. The characters brought to life, loveable and very much likeable.

If you love David Walliams style of books, you will love this
's review Oct 21, 2020

This book is super entertaining from the start and when I downloaded it on kindle I couldn't resist myself to read this book with Dhruvin and we enjoyed it a lot. Superheroes  and super powers who wouldn't like this book and story are also very engaging and intriguing so this book can be read in a one sitting and we just loved it. There are some pictures and illustrations too which gives the proper feel of super hero but i think there should be more illustration so kids could more relate to the book .  
Ryan and Jake are twins ,they had wicked sense of humor and they regularly pretended to be one another like every other twins. Both are identical yet different Ryan is intelligent and Jake is sporty and loves adventure.  After their mother's demise they have to shift with their super strict army dad, But on his first day at house a meteoroids hit their house and their lives changed forever and collapsed their whole house. After that when Jake got up in the hospital he felt a different power inside him and Ryan became more intelligent too and they became super twins . But this isn't the only change in the sleepy town of Trincaster, an evil force is on the rise and no one can stop it. Can the Super Twins discover who is behind the crime wave and defeat them in the ultimate battle? This book is full of adventure  , action packed fight scenes and full of mystery and suspense too which keep the readers intact till the end. Language is also very easy and I love the humor which Andy uses very wisely in the story and there are not too many characters in the story which is why it is easy to track the story and book cover is also perfect to catch the attention of children.
Overall a perfect read for middle grade  children.
's review Oct 22, 2020

This book is 'a giraffe in a herd of goats'...

What a fun and exciting read for any middle schooler!
A refreshing take on super heroes, double the hero, double the power.
A great use of some more complex language to encourage learning and interest.
Exciting and well written.


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